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Chemex coffee maker, a fashion classic

The Chemex coffee maker is not all facade, it fulfills its function perfectly. The coffee that is prepared with this gadget delights the most knowledgeable. Why do you prepare such good coffee with Chemex? The answer is in its design:

Its glass resists high temperatures and does not give external flavors to coffee.

Thanks to the conical shape of its upper part it achieves an ideal filtering time in which all the nuances of the grind are extracted.

Its especially thick filters do not allow sediments and coffee fat to reach the cup, thus avoiding bitter tastes.

In short, all the elements of this coffee maker are specially designed to achieve exceptional filtered coffee.

Preparing coffee with a Chemex coffee maker is simple, you only need good raw material, such as your favorite Candelas coffee beans, grind it until you get a medium grind and have a kettle that allows you to heat it up to 85 or 90 degrees. Remember that coffee made with Chemex is a filter coffee, in which 90% is water, so always use filtered water and, if possible, bottled.

With all these advices fulfilled and it only remains to follow the following steps:

1. Place the special Chemex filter on the top of the coffee maker. Make sure that the thickest part, with three layers, is aligned towards the spout.

2. Moisten the filter with hot water to rinse and preheat the coffee maker. Once the water has filtered, discard it by keeping the filter in place.

3. Pour the ground coffee into the filter. You should opt for a medium grind and use about 7 grams per 100 ml of water. Shake the coffee maker lightly to settle the coffee in the file.

4. Pour a small amount of boiling water between 85 and 90 degrees over the coffee, to pre-infuse it for 30 seconds. Do it circularly, from the center outwards to make sure all the coffee is soaked.

5. Then pour the rest of the water in several times with circular movements, ensuring that all coffee is soaked. Specialists advise pouring 30 grams of water at a time and wait for it to seep with coffee before adding more. But for this it is important that the coffee does not dry out before repeating the operation because otherwise, it will lose the ideal temperature.

6. Let the coffee seep gradually. This process will take at least 4 minutes.

7. Remove the filter as soon as the drip stops, move the coffee maker slightly and Ready! You already have your coffee.

Filtering coffee with a Chemex coffee maker is a ritual for baristas. Have you ever tried to do it? If you are a lover of this drink we highly recommend the experience. You can get a Chemex in our store at a competitive price.

In addition to the product you get, you will be paying tribute to a piece with a lot of history. Its creator, Peter Schlumbohn, patented more than 300 kitchen items and followed the trend of interwar cooking, in which household utensils followed a line similar to laboratory utensils.

The Chemex coffee maker is inspired by the design trend born in Germany in the heat of the Bauhaus school. It appears in the James Bond breakfast scene in London, portrayed in the novel From Russia with Love (1957), by Ian Fleming. Whether for its design or for the coffee it makes, Chemex has also appeared in numerous films and fiction series, such as Friends or Interstellar (2014), by Christopher Nolan or in the kitchen of Don Draper of Mad Men.

Schlumbohn, who designed Chemex when he emigrated to the United States as the coffee maker capable of making the best product, created the company Chemex Corporation that is now owned by the Grassy family. The father of the current managers acquired the firm in 1980. It is headquartered in Chicopee, Massachusets.


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